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NATIONWIDE ADHD MEDICATION SHORTAGE: If your refill request has been submitted but nothing is ready at the pharmacy after the two-business-day processing time, be sure to:

1. Call your pharmacy and ask:
     a. Has Dr. McCarthy's request been received?

(sometimes prevented by pharmacy backlog)

b. Is the medication in stock?

2. Call Dr. McCarthy (703-288-3535) and keep her informed

The national ADHD medication shortage is gaining media attention as impacts continue to mount. This page will serve as a resource to provide insight into why prescriptions are so hard to fill and how this shortage is dramatically affecting the lives of children and adults alike.

National ADHD
Drug Shortage

How bad is it?

What's causing it?

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..patients and their parents often spend hours or days calling different stores. Sometimes one store said they have stock, but it was out by the time they arrived to pick the medication up..


When I write a prescription, and it's not available in this particular pharmacy, they cannot just transfer the prescription. I have to write a new prescription, send it to the second pharmacy.

And then, if the second pharmacy runs out, I have to rewrite the prescription, send it to the third pharmacy. It's a lot of hours that I just waste, I would say waste, writing prescriptions.


The D.E.A. is probably being especially strict on ADHD drug availability because it raised quotas during the opioid crisis — and was blamed for increased overprescribing. Now, it may be overcorrecting and worsening shortages.

The House Democrats asked what the two agencies are doing to work with manufacturers and get them to fill their quotas. They further asked how the DEA will use lessons from the COVID-19 pandemic to update telemedicine prescribing rules

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