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On June 23rd our patient portal was converted from Luminello to Simple Practice. Despite the name, we have been working behind the scenes on double checking the data transfer and look forward to getting all patient's onboarded. This update comes with exciting new features including the ability to schedule appointments through the portal calendar. 

Exciting Features

• Online Scheduling

• Automated Billing and Invoicing

• Automated Superbills

• Secure Messaging (not for refills)

• Appointment reminders

• View and request appointments

• Access from desktop or client portal app for iOS and Android​

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Getting Started Guides for the Client Portal


If your prescription is not ready at your pharmacy 3 business days after you submit a refill request:

1. Contact your pharmacy to confirm the following

• Dr. McCarthy's request has been received (pharmacy backlog can cause issues)

• The medication is in stock

2. Provide Dr. McCarthy with updates by calling 703•288•3535

Prescription Drugs

Refill Requests

Best Practices

Request refills during appointments

Stay up to date on your appointments

Requests require 2-3 business days

Refills are processed M-F 7:30am-5:30pm

Refills NOT processed on weekends or after hours

Confirm  pharmacy during appointments

Cancel any unfillable prescriptions due to out of stock meds

$25 fee for prescriptions outside appointment

Controlled Substance Federal Guidelines

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